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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Extinction of Wild Plants No more beating around the bush Reading affects every subject area and our students are far below the national averages. There are various ways we have wiped out wildlife in the past few centuries. These include: -over-hunting-habitat destruction and urban development-the introduction of invasive species Test scores are higher in schools where the media specialist collaborates with teachers (Scholastic 2008). Reading scores improve as the quality of the Media Center program increases (McGhee & Jansen, 2006) Georgia High School Graduation Test Scores English Language Arts - 2011State Average 91%Savannah Chatham Schools 87%Beach High School 82% Studies Agree! Plants and animals become extinct when they fail to adapt to changes in their environment, whether natural or man-made. Lance reports schools with higher rated libraries have 10 to 18 percent higher test scores than lower ranked libraries (as cited in Menefee, 2009). BudgetSize & Date of CollectionCollaboration TimeComputer AccessLibrary Staff Size ContributingFactors: We need new books & more computers! Our collection is outdated. A. Plants are vital to our existence,providing foods, building materials, fibres for clothing, medicines and fuel.However, habitats around the world are being rapidly destroyed
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