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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THREATS O1:Millennials will form the largest generation group in 2015O2:GDP for all scope countries is increasingO3:The consumer confidence is expected to increase in 2015 for the U.S., Germany and the Netherlands. O4:SMERF groups generate revenue during "slack times"O5:Business travel will extend onto the leisure segmentO6:Access to free Wi-Fi is highly important for guests, they seek too book hotels that offer free Wi-FiO7:Hotels are able to move their shares of bookings from OTAs to bookings via the hotels own websiteO8:More travelers use their mobile devices to book hotelsO9:Businesses are expected to focus on eco-friendly practicesO10:Marriott International has high brand awarenessO11:Marriott International is focusing on launching mobile apps to reach the next generation of travelersO14:The spending pattern for the U.K. and U.S. is forecasted to increase compared to 2014O15:Various events & conferences hosted in Brussels for 2015 expect a larger amount of visitors to 2014 OPPORTUNITIES External Environment T1:Review sites have major impact on businesses in the future.T3:The Belgian market is most likely going to endure a loss of 292.000.000 in exports,which will lower GDP and consumer confidence in the country.T4:The spending pattern for France & Germany is forecasted to decrease compared to 2014.T5:Expansion of the Hilton brand in Brussels.T7:Wages will increase by 2% for 2015.T8:The utility prices are expected to increase by 2% for 2015.
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