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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Steps for Writing Your Extended Essaywith help from the ISP Research Model This model will help you throughout the research process.Please refer back to it frequently. INITIATION INITIATION Read through the Extended Essay Guide. SELECTION SELECTION Where do I begin? Maybe this isn't so bad? FEELINGS:Your anxiety movesto optimism. FEELINGS:You feel apprehensive and uncertain. ACTION:You begin to understandthe task & recognizewhat is needed. ACTION:Identify a general topic. EXPLORATION EXPLORATION Choose a Subject Area. Eek! Such a long way to go. FEELINGS:You are feeling overwhelmed, a little anxious and possiblydiscouraged. ACTION:Explore informationabout your topic. Read a general academic article. FORMULATION FORMULATION Finally I am gettingsomewhere! FEELINGS:You have much workto do, but you are feeling confident. Formulate a temporary thesis (question) and outline. ACTION:Focus and personal views are formulated. COLLECTION COLLECTION Not there yet!But things are looking up. FEELINGS:Your confidence increases and your interest should deepen. Prepare the preliminary reference list. ACTION:Gather information from your sources:books, databaseinformation, journalarticles, etc. PRESENTATION PRESENTATION Write the rough draft. Revise the draft. ACTION:Present your findings. FEELINGS:You are feeling either a sense ofrelief or majordisappointment. I ROCK. I STINK.
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