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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Express Yourself! Your ideas Your Creativity Your Voice What is the formula for expressing identity in college level writing? 1. Academic writing is best expressedas a set of rigid and dry standards.2. Traditional writing frames like the five paragraph essay are helpful for students who are struggling.3. Academic writing is not creative.4. ESL students must sound like native speakers How this can effectESL Students: Current methods of teaching are constricting for ESL studentsespecially because they are forced to conform to the same rules and standards as native speakers.This strips ESL students of their unique differences. Writing that you can be proud of! -Be more engaged in your writing.-Feel proud of the work you completed. -Step back from the rigid standards -Move more toward self-expression-Personal reflection is an opportunity-Find appropriate ways to break "the rules"-Challenge traditional writing frames-Develop your own voice and style-Be creative in any genre of writing Lizzie Klaesges The Rules "Any kind of writing is a creative act." -McVey "norms of English academic writing clearly imply that only certain forms of literacy and knowledge count and if writers do not acquire these norms, they tend to be judged inadequate." -Ha Writing frames stifle the student's thought for the content and structure of their writing, which puts words in student'smouths like a ventriloquist. -Fulford What You can Gain from Self Expression: "This very sense of having a voice and identity in writing has given me a sense of wholeness, richness, connectedness and belonging." -Ha Ha, P. L. (2009). Strategic. Passionate, but Academic: Am I Allowed in my Writing? Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 8 (2), 134-146. Fulford, A. (2009). Ventriloquising the Voice: Writing in the University. Journal of Philosophy of Education, 24 (2), 223-237. McVey, D. (2008). Why all Writing is Creative Writing. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 45 (3), 289-294 How to Express Yourself What College Seems to Say about Academic Writing:
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