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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What goods and services to produce? Canada produces fish, lumber and minerals. Canada also produces semi manufactured things like electronic stuff and and car or automobile parts. Services are activities that individuals, groups, organizations, or companies perform to help others. Some examples of services would be banks, insurance firms, telecommunications companies, water and electricity suppliers, translators, housekeepers etc. Canada imports and exports items like fruits/vegetables, crude petroleum, energy products, metals, chemicals, plastics, aircraft machinery The USA is more different because the USA is more focused on trade partners shipping materials out and to the USA, for example their top 3 trade partners are Canada, mexico and china. The top three exported materials our products that are exported into the USA machinery, and electrical machinery. The USA and Canada more of the USA gets a lot of their products from different countries such as china, lots of things you will find will be made in china. Like famous brands or companies products are from different countries exported from china and imported into the USA How to produce the goods and services? Canada and america both use labor of course to produce their products, but america uses other countries such as china to manufacturer their products and put them together then to sell them in america. Factory's also produce goods and products. Canada and america but more of Canada can produce their own products or materials from their own farms, factory's etc. Labour unions are good and can give you benefits, like if you work in a harsh environment, you and your co-workers can come together and start a labour union and tell your boss to make a better working environment or to get paid more if you are not getting paid enough for hard work. How to distribute the products and services? Both countries use air planes labor ships and transports, like if you see chip company's or soda or cola company transports on the highway or roads. Lots of products come from other countries so that cost money to transport that product or material to Canada or the USA, or vice versa. Most cargo is shipped by plane, because it is alot faster than ground and water transportation. Exploration 2 Topic 2 Canada VS. United States
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