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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Experi mental physicis ts Experimental physicists study a wide range of topics from the origin of the universe to unlimited clean energy and everything in between. Experimental physicists are scientists that take scientific theory's and create experiments to test there accuracy. Famous scientists such as Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton had been experimental physicists during their careers. Potential experimental physicists need at least a bachelors degree and a well understanding of calculus. Although with that finding a job will still be difficult. Experimental physics applies to all parts of STEM (science,technolog y,engineering, and math) Experimental physicists have job openings to work for universities, cooperations, and any government. Experimental physicists also are used to design and build weapons when hired by the government or cooperation. Experimental physicists are responsible for proving scientific laws such as the law of conservation of mass. The CIA will hire experimental physicists for many different types of jobs. Mainly for new weapons. Experimental physicists depending on whether they work for the government or corporation make about $8690 per month. o-you-want-to-become-a-physicist / ience-engineering-careers/earth-p h encyclopedia/physics.html rge_ElectronPositron_Collider Length vs. time with a pendulum Distance vs. time when driving in a car.
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