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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SUPPORT Expansion Mentor Team - EMT ( 10 Members) System Expansion The Expansion Process Post-Colonization Six Phases Interest Group New Member Education SYZ National Expansion Directors ( 2 Directors) Appointed Advisor (1 Advisor) New Member Educator (1 Educator) Bigs & Godbigs(1 each per interest) New Member Educator Assistants (2 Assistants) SYZ National Chapter Directors ( 2 Directors) SYZ National Board of Directors (14 Directors) Expansion Mentor Team - EMT 10 Nationally Appointed Members SYZ National Expansion Directors Sylvia Hall & Ellen Le Interest Group/Expansion Main Support * Each director is an alumnae sister voted in by the National Sorority at our annual Summer Convention. They will serve as the main points of contact between the National Sorority & the interest group/Greek Admin during the expansion process. is a fulfilling, but lengthy and difficult process. To assure that our interests and future charters are best prepared, the National Board has developed a system of support from National Board members to alumnae and active sisters across the nation. * Consists of Alumnae & Active Sisters. Each member must apply and be appointed to this team. Members are from various sisterships across the nation. The team contains chapter founders who went through the expansion & interest group process.
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