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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Executive orders are causing an unconstitutionalabuse of Executive power. Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources -never directly mentioned in theConstitution, but Presidents haveset a precedent of using executiveorders under the assumption ofthat the executive power grantedto them by the constitution. (Koba, Mark) Executive orders arelegal orders given bythe President Executive ordershave the same weight as anylaw passed bycongress, but donot have to go through any legislation (Mott). 2/3 vote Congress can attempt to with its own bill override executive order 1. President makesan executive orderdirectly against thewill of the congress. President may congress's bill Clipart Best veto ( (US Const. art. V, Sec. 1) Congress musthave afrom both housesto override the veto. Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a total of 3721executive orders duringhis Presidency. Only two executive orders in history havebeen able to be overturned by other branches. EXECUTIVE ORDER Law Abuse ofExecutive Power:ExecutiveOrders Think about how anabuse of executive power could affectour democracy. Support politicians whoare trying to limit executivepower and the use of executive orders. ("Should Presidents Claim Strong Executive Power") (Mott) WORKS CITED CREDITS Produced by AnnaBeth Lane I'd like to thank the U.S.Constitution and my cat, Mumford, for making thisall possible. ("Always Remember") Clipart Best Clipart Best Always Remember. Uwire Text 2012: 21. Intotrac newsstand. Web. 29 Oct. 2014. <|A336967349&&docId=GALE|A336967349&docType=GALE&role=>.
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