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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Famous and Infamous Executive Orders By: Wesley Robinson and Courtney Pflug 1851 1863 1933 1942 1945 1948 1961 1972 Indian Reservations: In 1851, Congress passed the Indian Appropriations Act, which empowered the government to remove, by force if necessary, Native Americans from their ancestral homelands to less desirable locations further west. This policy quickly took a back seat to the Civil War, but President Ulysses S. Grant created dozens of reservations. Some tribes went peacefully, while others, like the Sioux, waged a bitter fight. Eventually, over 300 reservations were created, most in extremely inhospitable areas that nobody else wanted. Ulysses S. GrantIndian Appropriations Act:empowered thegovernment to moveNative Americans from their homeland to lessdesirable locations outwest Abraham LincolnEmancipationProclamation:In an attempt to save the Union, and endthe Civil War, this ordered the freedom of all slaves living in the confederacy Franklin Delano RooseveltNew Deal:Provided jobs aftera bad economy. These jobs wereresponsible for theconstruction of roads,bridges, parks, airport tarmacs Franklin Delano RooseveltJapanese-AmericanInternment:Fear of Japanese spiesduring WWII lead to the detention of over 110,000Japanese-Americans (many being innocent citizens).This was considered "raceprejudice, was hysteria, and a failure of politicalleadership Harry S. TrumanFat Man/Little BoyAuthorization:The extremely controversialdecision was made to dropatomic bombs on Japanesecities Hiroshima andNagasaki, ending WWII andkilling many Japanesecivilians Harry S. TrumanDesegregation of theArmed Forces:This integrated black and white service members of the Armed Forces,which extended civil rights to African-Americans John F. KennedyAffirmative Action:Ensued employment andfair workplace treatmentregardless of race Lyndon B. JohnsonEqual Employment Opportunity:This assisted the protection ofUS employees fromdiscrimination. This assistedJFK's goals with hisAffirmative Action plan
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