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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1920's 1960's 1930's 1970's 1980's 1890's 2010's FilmstripProjector Document Camera: In the Classroom Write-on Overhead Projector Overhead Projector WolfVision's"Video Overhead" Document Cameras:New and Improved Digital Video Projector First movie projector Evolution of the Document Camera 1890 - 2014 2000's Sources: 2000's Initially used by the U.S. militaryfor training purposes in World WarII, overhead projectors quicklyspread to schools and otherorganizations around the country. In the early 1980s, a trend began,primarily in the United States,where PCs were used to makepresentations at meetings or othersimilar occasions in place ofconventional OHPs (overheadprojector). This trend led to a risein the demand for projectors thatcould easily connect to a PC andproject images straight from thePC to a screen. In 1974 "Wolf Audio Visuals"introduced one of the firstdocument cameras (thenknown as "Videooverhead") in Austria. This is the cousin of the motion picture projector. Thomas Edison predicted that with the advent of projected images" books will soon be obsolete in schools, scholars will soon be instructed through the eye". Roger Appeldorn createda machine that projectedthe image of writing onclear film in the early1960s The Lumière brothers invented thefirst successful movie projector.They made their first film, Sortie del'usine Lumière de Lyon, in 1894,which was publicly screened atL'Eden, La Ciotat a year later. A Revolutionary, Interactive Document Camera that seamlesslyinterfaces with all classroom technology! Classroom use of the Document Camera growsexponentially.
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