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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Evolution of Education Colonial-Present United StatesConstitution adopted without referenceto education. The English ClassicalSchool, the first high school established in Boston. First knownchild care centeropened inNew Harmony, Indiana.Massachusettslaw establishedhigh schools. 1635 1647 1775-1783(Revolutionary War time) 1785-1787 1821 18251827 Boston Latin Grammar School established. The MassachusettsBay Colony is credited as the firstto require all children to have formal education.-Massachusetts Lawcalled for children to learn to read.-Massachusettss Old Deluder SatanLaw required establishment of schools. secular schools emerged.-Education began to beseen as providingintellectual tools based on science that would helpcreate a better society. 1787 Massachusettsestablished firststate board of education;Horace Mann appointedthe first secretary. Northwest Ordinances passed to supportschools in new territories.The Land Ordinance-required each newstate to form a centralgovernment and address educationas a component of its founding laws. 1837 First publicnormal school forpreparing teachersopened in Lexington,Massachusetts. 1839 Average school ageranged from 4 years-21 years old. 1848 Quincy School, based on grades, was established in Boston. Massachusetts establishes first compulsory attendance law. 1852 1872-1873 Kalamazoo Decision made public high schools legal.St. Louis opened the first public kindergarten in the United States. 1879 Compulsory education required in all states. 1918 Average class size was 38 students. double click to change this title text! 1979 The U.S. Department of Education established by President Jimmy Carter. 1930 Elementary-Secondary Education Act (ESEA) passed. 1965 ESEA reauthorized as No Child Left Behind Act. 2001 Hall, G. E., Quinn, L. F., & Gollnick, D. M. (2014). Introduction to Teaching . Thousand Oaks, California: SAGE. Reference:
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