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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Listen, Diagnose and Recommend! The Ultimate Customer Dashboard -"Overdue Opportunity Search" -Display search for Opportunities in too long or overdue Next Action Date. -Most important metrics (Purhaps pulled from other widgets) -Sales Month to Date -Converted Leads Month to Date Campaigns Top Metrics Refferal Partner Stats My Overdue Opportunities Appointments The Sales Pipeline -Appointment Widget Pipeline Stats -"Active Referral Partners" -Tag Search -"RP Activity Summary" # Referred and $. (Display for Small #) (LBoS for Large #) All Month to Date -"Referral Redirect Report" - Same as Summary but for links. What Links are best? Ecommerce Stats -"Referral Partner Ledger" -Payments and What You Owe Referral Partners -All Sales Report (By Product) (MTD) (YTD) -GroSocial State Lead Gen -How does your Target Market Hear About You? What products lend well to upsells? -"Stage to Stage Report" -# of People and Ave. Days Between 2 Stage Moves. -"New Leads Registered" -Goal Report for 1st Goal in Pipeline -"Qualified" -Search for Conacts Tagged as Qualified Lead -Pipeline Stages Upsell and Referral Use this framework to organize your conversations with the client. -Newsletter Tag Search -Email Dashboard Nurture Prospect What actions educate clients till they are ready to buy?What activities most infulence sales?What smaller steps can those unready to purchase take? -"Call History Summary/Call Log ReportAre you reps Making thier Calls? -Campaign Goal Completion -"Click Through % Seach" -Identifies Engaging Contacts (Great for clients w/out Lead Scoring) -Campaign Goal Completion -Average Order Value -Campaign Goal Completion -Revenue -Web Form Activity Summary -Form convertion -Campaign Goal Completion -Leads Created Today "What does success look like? Convert Sales and Deliver -Lead Gen -Nurture Conversion numbers -Leadsource Income -Sales Today!
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