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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Social Media Intergration + More Your Event ATTENDEE PROFILES Customer's are natural promoter's Mobile vs Desktop Your Events APP 80% of people use their mobile forInternet browsing over desktops &Laptops. Don't you?So an app helps you keep your events within reach of yourguests. Integrate all of your current marketing strategies into one. Place a QR code on flyers and posters, haveall of your social media profiles in one easily accesible place for yourcustomers and create a portfolio ofpictures and videos for your guestsin apps.Visit us at or contact us now for more details. Give attendees more reasons to use the app even after the end of the event. Let them use the check in feature to show their mates what a good time their having, growing your business and brand in the process. Allow attendees to create their own profile and check out other attendees profiles. Its always good to get an idea of the crowd and integrates with Facebook events.Also your guests to check in when withinproximity of your event. Date, location and resident/guest DJs). Youcan also provide DJs bios, photos and social profiles to facilitate networking. You can alsoadd videos of previous events to help promotethe night. Also send out push notifications beforethe night to excite all of your potential guests about the night. How apps can simplify and grow your business So make your night the best night with C1APPTel: 0208 854 3149Email: enquiries@c1app.comWebsite: Mob: 07429166626/ 07877188477
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