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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Milestones: By: Evan Rumpza Professional and Educational Goals Market Opportunity 3 Questions to Live By: Personal Mission Statement: Personal Business Plan IMPROVE GOING LEGACY Where am I Where am I What is my What is my How can I How can I ? The common questionthat gets asked in business is'why?' That's a goodquestion, but an equallyvalid question is, - Jeff Bezos WHY NOT? We make a living bywhat we get, but wemake a life by what - Winston Churchill WE GIVE. Success is gettingwhat you want. is wanting what you get. - Dale Carnegie HAPPINESS BOARD OFDIRECTORS I believe in being the second smartest person in the room. This leaves room to grow.I believe in being open. This leaves room to learn. I believe in the power of the individual.This means that we each have the ability to achieve greatness and change the world, and the implied responsibility of empowering those around us to do the same. Gain a global perspective through study abroad. Inspire those around me to pursuebusiness. Graduate with degrees in Finance and IS. Improve as an impactful speaker. Be able to providefor my family. Use consulting toinfluence companies. NEVER STOPLEARNING I use these three questionsto routinely asses where I am.My legacy allows me to thinklong term, how am I impactingthose around me? I always aimto improve, and thus often findmyself asking how exactly howI can do so. Where am I goingallows me to focus on reachingthe key milestones below. We Need LEADERS Potential Employers INNOVATION INSPIRATION INFLUENCE Business needs fewer managers, and more leaders.I have the unique opportunity to be the leaderthat business needs. I believe my career in consulting will allow me the opportunityto lead, globally, in a big way. Intern at Deloitte Graduate Study Abroad Establish Myself Work Internationally Use my time in Australiato gain a global perspectiveon business and establishkey connections. Build my business acumenthrough a professional internship. Graduate from the Universityof Washington Michael G.Foster School of Business. Regardless of where I end up, I want toestablish myself as a leader early. Thisinvolves taking on responsibility earlyand excelling under pressure. In an increasingly globalized marketplace,I want to be a change agent for globalcommerce. My dream would be consultingmultinationals on business leadership andstrategic operations. Once I have establisheda career (and learned athing or two) it is time togive back. I would hopeto one day be involvedin recruiting the best andbrightest for my futureemployer. Marketing & Implementation: To those looking for a new approach, for those who want someone open to new ways of doingbusiness, for those who think together we can achieve great things through business - my name is EvanRumpza. I am dedicated to using my skills in finance and information systems, combined with my passionfor a thriving global economy, to build a better working world. I offer a unique combination of skills. Attending the top business school in the Pacific Northwest hasgiven me the technical skills. My engagement with leadership and an all around pursuit of a balanced lifehas given me the soft skills to be an effective change agent in every facet of my life. My value is that I ama highly skilled and well trained professional who believes in continual learning and work-life balance. My broad experience base will differentiate me from my classmates. I have already done a great dealand I have no intention of slowing now. I will continue to pursue internships, international experiences,leadership and research opportunities, and of course outstanding academic success. Combined, thisbalanced approach will give me a competitive edge in both my professional and personal life. PositionStatement Compelling Value Differentiation from Others Key Checklist: Study Abroad Internship Job Offer Graduate Financial Indep. Work Pro Bono X X Mentor Others SUCCESS Define Success: True success is simplyone's ability to sustainone's own happiness. Risks: 1) Competitive Field: Utilize strategies above.2) Pride: I have a hard time finishing second.3) Focus: I can get distracted by opportunity. I can mitigate risk throughperseverance. I must realizethat if one door closes,another door opens.
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