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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Title Of The Film 'Down In The Woods' is the name of our film and it is presented in this text.Having the title towards the endof the opening sequence is a typical convention of a supernatural thriller and so isthe colour white.The 'scratched' text and seeingthe main antagonist inthe title is also typicaland quite arty. Setting/Location We used two locations - a female teenagers bedroom and a local park/forest.From research, both of these locations seem like generic conventions for a supernatural thriller as forests can hold the unknown, and bedroomsare supposed to be a 'safeplace' and most thrillers take advantage of this. Costumes &Props In terms of costume, Ally wearsmodern and fashionable clothesat the forest in the equilibriumand Tyler wears comfortablecasual clothing.In the bedroom scenes, Ally wearswhite pyjamas and a grey cardigan. These are generic conventions of a supernaturalthriller as they are two normalteenagers so shouldn't dressdifferently but when Allybecomes distressed, she wearsmore basic colours, much like the victims in other thrillers.The Demon wears a full blacktracksuit and the colour blackis a common colour in thrillers.In terms of props, a necklace,hoodie and mobile phone are used,all common items. Camerwork &Editing We used generic camera shotsand movements such as panningand [extreme] close ups as these helpto focus on detail and keep the actionmoving.A lot of low angles were used to showvulnerability of the characters wewere the point of view of.With the editing we used a varietyof jump cuts whereasgenerically fades are used.Fast-paced editing is usuallyfound in supernatural thrillersbut ours is quite slow paceddue to it being depressingon Ally's behalf. Storyline Our basic narrative is of an urbanlegend of a demon in a forest that comes to life and begins to attackthose who upset him. When Ally'sboyfriend Tyler gets attacked, andherself injured people disbelieve whathas happened so the demon continuesto attack. Our opening sequence showsTyler get attacked and Ally injured, and with the introduction of Mel by text who says she believes Ally, there is aset up of more characters which could have anarrative later on. Genre Our chose genre is 'supernaturalthriller' which is a sub-genre coming under thriller.the reason for this choice is because it has easy conventionsto follow such as dark colouring and can involve bloodwhich we had easy access to [fake blood]. Our openingsequence suggests this genre through the dark colouration's,the use of a supernatural force and scarring [use of blood]. Characters Ally, the protagonist is introduced through the attack in the forestand Tyler, her boyfriend, is killed off.The demon, antagonist, is brieflyshown in the attacks and is Ally'sbedroom doorway, and finally Mel,Ally's friend, is introduced through thetexts shown. Special Effects We used special effects when we were at the Demonspoint of view to show we were supernatural and toyed withthe idea of making him flicker. We also used liquid latex and fake blood to make scars and bloodied faces for Ally and the Demon.
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