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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Baltimore Volcano Volcanoes are discovered in many ways. Some characteristics are, you have to look at the volcanoes previous behavior and see if any change in the climate will cause a disturbance. Also, when a volcano is about to erupt gas comes out of the top. The gas looks like very thick smoke. It would be helpful if the mayor had a volcanologist come out and look at the volcano. If you want to try to map out the the time between eruptions, they normally happen every 400 years. Additionally, if you look at the volcano from a satellite view, you can see if there are any problems. Sometimes, there are little rumbles coming from the volcano. Also, black ash falls from the sky. So these are just some of the ways a volcano can be discovered. There are many steps to safely evacuating Baltimore, Maryland. First, you and your family must create a plan to evacuate, and find places that you will meet. Secondly, if you will be traveling by car to find safety, you need to make sure that your car has enough gas in it to get through a long trip. When driving in a car, you must make sure that you leave as early as possible so that you wont face as much traffic. While you are getting ready to evacuate, be sure to listen to the radio for latest information about the storm and the time it will occur. After you get the humans in your family situated, you then have to figure out a plan for pets, if you have any. Then, when you are all ready, you will be able to lock your house, but only if you have time! If you have time, tell your out of state family members where you are headed, so that they can join you or know how to get in touch with you. If time allows, ask neighbors if they need a ride out. Finally, make sure you are extra careful because there will be many other people on the road. Those are a few tips for evacuating! Baltimore county and Baltimore city have many different evacuation plans. To begin with, Baltimore county has the natural resources that the city doesnt. Also, in the country more trees could fall and block roads. Plus, rivers could overflow and flood the area. Baltimore county does not have a set evacuation route. But on the contrary, the city has set streets to use when evacuating. Also, Glass and building might fall and crush you, instead of trees. In addition to, explosions could happen in the city and wildfires could start in the country. Lastly, the country has more natural resources, but the city has man made things you could find. So, these are some reasons why the city and the country evacuate differently. If you are evacuating, never leave a pet behind. If you evacuate from a town without your pet, you must immediately call a rescue team, because their chances of living are very slim with no owners or food. You should always evacuate with your pets because if theyre in the town that was evacuated, everybody will be gone and the pet would probably have died. One last reason why you should always evacuate with your pet is because there would be no where for the animal to go, and if you evacuated from a place without your pet you would probably never again see the pet that you would have loved for a very long time. In conclusion, evacuating with your pet is a very important thing to do. There are many things that make a volcano erupt. One thing is that the lower density of the magma relative to the surrounding rocks cause it to rise. Another thing that causes volcanoes to erupt is that there are gas bubbles that exert a tremendous amount of pressure in the volcano. One last thing that makes a volcano erupt is that the tip of the volcano gets plugged with lava and rock for many years then finally lets it all go with a big amount of energy. In conclusion, there are many things that can cause a volcano to erupt. What is the easiest way to discover a volcano? What do you think makes a volcano erupt? What do you think happens to pets left behind in evacuations? What is the biggest struggle when evacuating Baltimore County? What do you think is the first step in evacuating effectively and safely? www.hrw.orgcbs news.commoderndogmagizine.comOSU.eduVtaide.comPlantseed.com l Credits
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