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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Evacuation Plan For The Tornado of Fire 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Alert Systems Reactions Warning Others Evac. Methods Big Problems There are many ways that you can be alerted of an evacuation, but not all of them are very effective. One of the ways of alerting is WEA. WEA stands for wireless emergency alerts. WEAs are sent to your device like an iphone, ipad,...etc.To get these alerts, you do not need to subscribe or an app. Types of wireless emergency alerts that you mightreceive are amber alerts, presidential alerts during a nationwide crisis, extreme weather, and more.The weather alerts will warn you of tsunami warnings, duststorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme wind warnings, and flash flood warnings. When you receive a WEA, if thereare directions on it, follow them.You can refer to local media.Though, IPAWS (integrated public alert and warning system) is also very useful for alerting people too. IPAWS is an updated(modernized) version of alert systems in the past. IPAWS sendsits messages by satellite, cable, broadcast, and (or) wireline services. These alerts will appear on your TV. Another alert system is EAS. EAS (emergency alert system) allow the president to send an alert to the whole country in less than 10 minutes.EAS is also used when noneof the other alert systems are available. The last system of alert is NWR(national weather radio). NWR broadcasts weather 24/7 from the closestnational weather service office.NWR also gives reports on other subjectssuch as national security, environmental issues, and public safety. In conclusion,all of these ways of alerting people of an evacuation are very useful in theirdifferent ways. They all can be used for different situations too. Since driving is the most common evacuation method, there are many ways to prevent large traffic jams and backups when leaving Baltimore, MD. A lot of people get stuck in traffic jams when driving. But, sometimes little amount of people are in them. Thats because large crowdsdepend on how much space there is in the area. Aggressive driving causesaccidents. When someone is driving aggressively, there is a bigger risk of anaccident. We can solve this by using other types of transportation. People can also solve this problem by searching for signs of accidents and traffic jams sothey can avoid them. Not paying attention on the road also causes accidents. When people are not paying attention, not only can accidents happen people can get hurt. In conclusion, there are many evacuation methods to avoid traffic and crowds. There are many steps that you go through during an evacuation to make sure that everyone stays calm. The first step that you can go through is being prepared for any emergency that might happen. Being prepared helps you stay calm because you know what to do. One thing that you can do to be prepared is to make emergency kits. When you make a kit, you might want to make more than one. Place one kit in an easy- accessible place so anyone can grab it and go in an emergency. The next step is to know when an emergency is happening. One way that you can find out about an evacuation is by watching the news.There are also different types of alerts. A blue alert happens when it is freezing cold outside. If one of these is issued, it means stay inside because you might freeze if you go outside. A code red happens when there is extreme heat. you will want to stay inside where it is cool or be swimming in the ocean or pool. Third, during an evacuation most people use their cars to evacuate. The city of Baltimore will allow both lanes on a highway to go the same way. Making everyone leave the city but not allowing anyone in. Though, not all of the evacuation routes will be used to evacuate the city. A forest fire can happen anywhere even in places that it says that there is a zero percent chance of one. During a wildfire, make sure to take any outdoor furniture inside, turn of the gas in your home, and shut all the windows and doors. If you do this, the fire will pass over your house without burning anything but the flowers in your garden. You can also survive a wildfire in your car. But, if anyone plans to do this, keep the car moving, but do not drive through thick smoke. Make sure to shut all of the windows and heat vents, but always have on the headlights so you can see where you are going and others can see you. In conclusion, it helps to be prepared for any emergency. Listen to the officials. If they say evacuate, do it. Even if evacuating means leaving your home with only a couple things that you take with you.There are many resources that you can use to find out more about evacuations and being prepared for anything. In conclusion, the most important thing that youcan do to. #1 Smoke Alarm #2 Hokey Goal Siren #3 Police Siren #4 Light Bulb #1 Pretend nothing happened #2 Stay Calm/ Warn Others #3 Get out Fast #4 Run/ Scream #1 Tell others in Person #2 Tell others online #3 Brodcast to big Group #3 Just Leave #4 Plane #4 Boat #4 Car #4 Train #5 Car Crashes #5 Car Crashes #5 Traffic #5 No Fuel #5 Riots and Theft
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