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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Prevention ~in the~ Federalism Native populations were greatly reduced, mainly due to illnesses such as smallpox and TB.New Zealand became a multiracial society (British Maori).Western culture was absorbed in Hawaii. Today, Hawaii is 44% Protestant. FIGURES CaptainJamesCook EFFECTS Captain James Cook: convinced Kamehameha to establish a kingdom.Kamehameha: Hawaiian king that promoted Western habits. USA SUMMARY In New Zealand, the British begansettling in the late 18th century and greatly reduced the native Maori population with illnesses; eventually, theMaori developed immunities and defense, establishing a multiracial society. One way America prevented tyranny was by Federalism. This means that they give some powers to the national government, and some to the states. They also both share powers. The national government handles with issues that effect the whole nation. For example, they provide an army and declare war. The states handle with more local things such as, marriage laws and setting up a local government. They are both able to make laws, and tax/borrow money. Federalism makes sure that neither the states or the central government has too much power. They share powers but also handle different things, making sure that one of them doesn't have too much power. In Hawaii, Captain James Cook instigated the establishment of a kingdom and introduced Hawaii to Western ways. Miss-ionaries came and established schools in the early 19th century. Hawaiian monarchs declined after 1872, and Hawaii became a part of the US in 1898. Tyranny Katherine ZhangMr. MarshallAP World Hist 212 January 2015
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