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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In the infographic I will have a few contractions but I only plan to have them in areas of my writing wherethey will not affect my formality too much (ethos). Justenough to keep it human, but a refined human. As for my style, it will adopt a factual and rational explanationof Polaris' strength (logos). Really a writing that sounds like something I would say. The reason for this is to elicita feeling of empathy and camaraderie between people, making Polaris sound like a much more personable and approachable school (logos and pathos). I have no official color scheme or a colors for my infographic but I do know that I will aim for friendly colors that give off a sense of warmth and welcoming. Almost, motherly if youwill. There will not be flamboyant day-glow colors because that would make my messageseem silly or not serious. In addition dark colors make it seem drab or solemn/serious. Anice middle ground will do, with a mix of bright, friendly colors to appeal to the audience but some darker hues will carry a presence of seriousness and professionalism to it. I do have a sample of some colors such as a deep orange and purple or a darker green with a grey highlight. Orange is more vibrant and lively so people will be more awake and ready to go while purple is a "grown up" color and helps to deliver the message. Green and grayare Polaris's colors. The goal, the purpose, the greater endeavor of thisproject is to spread the gospel of greatness that isPolaris (pathos?). The audience of this campaign are parents and students that are unsure about joining Polaris or do not know about it. I planto cover Polaris, not from the soft, mushy, ASD approved, politically correct version, but a real student version (pathos). This is so the masses can connect with the real Polaris and with our views and mentality (logos). It show we are ahardworking school with a real tight-knit community of families that are doing what we canto make the world a better place (ethos/logos). Design Guide 101 Design Guide 101 Information Conventions Tone & Style Color Palette This photo is one of our mission statement. It strives to showpeople who we are, what Polaris stands for, and what we work towards. What this means is a strong work ethic of the school and a more philisophical appeal to interested people. This could easily work to ethos or pathos. A picture of Polaris can speak to logos and ethos. It showcases that the school is a nice clean placeto go and is a facility where you would send kids toin order to obtain a good education. Also, a clean looking school makes people positive and happy. Another picture of Polaris and a quote we have.This shows a commitment to what we strivefor and is a good case for logos. It belies the fact that Polaris is together, that it has manyaspects of schooling that are uniqe and special. An indoors shot of Polaris establishes pathos due to it showinga colorful, clean, pleasant looking workplace. This invokes a senseof calm, trust, and peace towards the school; knowledge as well. Typography For the main title I chose the font Impact. This is a bold, clean cut type style which has anauthoritative tone to it. This catches people's attention, it keeps them sharp and a makes them follow closer. It establishes a no-nonsense approach and makes the rest of the piece come across as professional, well made, proper. My headers use the Delicious font type. It has a modern, crisp look to it which is often associated with a professional style and gives my infographic a masterful or thought outlook to people who read it. This of course, gives a sense of knowing what you're doing to the audience and they can find it easy on the eyes as well. I used CA Band for my body text. It is a nice run of the mill "friendly" text that is nice to readand easy to read as well. It's more bubbly and casual so it gives an aura of friendliness or beinglaid back, putting readers at ease and not making them feel defensive in the face of aggressivetext. This appeals to people and reflects on the positive attitude of Polaris itself. As for tone and style, I plan to use a casual andprofessional, yet light-hearted tone. This is to keep it real, make sound less like a advertisementand more like a student who's simply trying toconvey how cool the school is (pathos). Of course, it must remain professional so that it can comeacross as well written and educated and not turn off people. The style will be clean, crisp, professional.I want it to be visually appealing and attractive but atthe same time I am shooting for something that looksrefined and presentable (ethos, a bit of logos). Polaris K-12 Exterior Front. Digital image., 17 May 2013. Web. 29 Nov. 2014. < -for-the-principal-position-at-polaris-k-12-school>.Polaris Mission Statement Mural. Digital image. Polarisk-12. Org. Polaris K-12, n.d. Web. 30 Nov. 2014. <>.Smith, Kevin G. Interior Hearth. Digital image., 2007. Web. 30 Nov. 2014. <>.
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