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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ethnic Inequality in the Fashion Industry 968 models walked atleast one show duringfashion month. There were a total of 479 shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. 78.69% were White 7.67% were Black 9.75% were Asian 2.12% were Latina The fashion industry doesn't envision it's products being bought by black customers, and therefore doesn't bother trying to relate to them. It's not that they think only white people are beautiful, they think only white people have money. 16 year old Ondria Hardin, "African Queen" "Why hire a black model when you can paint one?" Kayla Clarke "often you'll have casting directors tell you they already have a black model for the show, you'll hear many 'darker skinned' models experiencing the same thing, it's not just the black models, they want us all to look the same. I'm not point my finger at anyone in particular, but it's the industry as a whole that needs a little updating in terms of ethnic diversity." Black models never appear on the cover of major fashion magazines because, as the black model Jourdan Dunn told the Guardian last year, "people in the industry say if you have a black face on the cover of a magazine it won't sell." What is beauty in the fashion world? -petite figure-high cheekbones-big eyes-thin jawline-facial symmetry -white is an organization within the fashion industry campaigning for diversity onthe runway. Diversity Coalition Diane Von Furstenberg agreed to helppush for diversity at NYFW.
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