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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 St. GeorgeThe church is made of solid rock. It is hard to see the church from a distance but it is noticeable when it is looked down on. The church is in the shape of a cross and is located in present day Lalibela, Ethiopia. Ethiopian ChristianityBy: Julia Baker Ethiopia Ethiopia has a very mountainous geography and this help the countrystay away from Muslim power. This isolation helped with the furtherdevelopment of Ethiopian Christianity. The religion dervived from Judiasm. Frumentius and Aedissius Frumentius and Aedissius are two SyrianChristians who went to Aksum and told the Ethiopian people about Jesus Christ. Theyinfluenced the King of Aksum (Ezana) and when he converted to Christianity he officially decreed it as the main faith of the kingdom in 341 A.D. Queen of ShebaIn 1000 B.C., the story is that Queen Sheba went to visit King Solomon and he seduced her. The Queen had a child and the child becomes the founding monarch of the Ethiopian state. This is significant because Solomon is in the line of the decent of Jesus which means that Ethiopian's Christian rulers could legitimate their position by tracing their ancestry to Jesus. Ethiopian Religious ArtThe artists developed a tradition for icon painting. The Ethiopian people would paint icons of Saint George, and of Mary with the son of Christ. Overtime, the art goesfrom icons to manuscripts. CrossesSeveral crosses are made of brass, silver, and other metals. The crosses have Celtic designs and no two crosses are alike. Works Cited Civilization Book Pg. 468-469
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