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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Neil Armstrong Neil armstrong was born in 1927 July 16th. Ohio Neil built his own model planes his whole entire childhood. He even wanted to go to space. Then his dream came true. He was the first Man on the Moon for Apollo 11. He also did it for his family. His speech was "that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" Neil collected moon rocks left a flag and a sign that said "we come in peace". After he collected objects with Buzz Aldrin theywent back to the lunar craft to see Michael again. - Likes going to space.- Built his own model planes when he was a child.- Died in 2012- Born in August 5 1930- Aviator and test pilot. - Famous words were thats one small step for mankind- Famous person for getting on the moon first. Neil also had an interest in space so he decided to join nasa . After he joined NASA he was sent to space to walk while orbiting earth and head straight back to earth safe and sound. The rocket he was on Gemini 8. A fw minutes later things went terribly wrong. the rocket started spinning but managed to handle the han controls. NASA wanted neil and the other astronaut to come back to earth immideatly. Neil liked space alot so even though he didn't get to walk in space orbiting earthhe still had an interest in space and he loved his journey to the moon. After heand his wife were divorced he had another wife because well i don't really know why. but neils life was great while it lasted. thx 4 reading!
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