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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 6 3 5 4 Essay Escort Professional Services tips for Essay Escort s u c c e s s What quick measures can students take to improve their essays? # # # # # # # 2 # # # # # 1 with Brian Fan Balance the sentence structure, verbage and depth Collaborate Fan says that many of the prevalent issues are structural, as he sees many students misplacing verbs, adding extra information and attempting to overextend their sentences in order to sound more professional. He has also seen the opposite case, where students oversimplify. According to Fan, the best essaysbalance all these aspects of writing. "It's no fun when you write by yourself," Fan said. There's an entire community out there that loves writing academically, likes speaking... go find them and hang out with them. Get their ideas because there are some really good ideas out there that you may not have ever been exposed to." Read everything "Read the good things, read the bad things and then after you are done find outwhat makes them good or bad," Fan said. "Try not to limit yourself to a small section of fiction or nonfiction. Just try to read as much as you can and as many times as you can." Contradict yourself Fan advises that students use this technique especially when they are writing persuasive essays. He says that not only does it allow writers to address theopposing point of view, but it also helps them convince themselves of their point.Fan also believes that arguing with oneself is a good way to find out what theopposition might say, which in turn helps writers establish their position clearly. Go outside your comfort zone "A lot of people like to stick on one sort of topic or genre, and in order to be effective as a write you need to be well-rounded in all areas," Fan said. "So once in a while pick something that you don't write about a lot or don't know about because after you are finished you will have learned something new. Write with purpose Fan believes that when people write they should set aside time to do so without having any distractions. He says that students should delve deep into their writing rather than just viewing it as a homework assignment, which will also help them improve their writing.
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