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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chronicles of My Life Chronicles of My Life 2020 2003 2014 My Early Life-Familys desire of a Healthy Me Humble Beginnings: Birth in a middle class family Battle with Health Lucky 13: The age of meeting my soul mate Yielding Career in the making-The first steps Faith can move Mountains: Quest for IIT begins Stamp of Excellence: IIT Certifies excellence in Technical Activities I got my first real six-string: Awards & Accolades in Music & Dramatics Stepping over the threshold: Preparing for an entry in Finance amid 2008 crisis 2005 1995 2008 Lasting Influence of saved $ & then...the Inflection Point Tryst with Music: My first Harmonium at age 8 Top percentage at School, dreams of superlative education & a rewarding career Milestone I: IIT BombayThe journey begins in a new universe 2003 First Corporate Experience: Internship at Larsen & Toubro Milestone II JPMorganChase An efficiency Leader emerges: Crafts a new career path, aids the companys larger goal 4 key regulatory projects, increasingly brilliant contribution, leaders applaud The decision: Asset Management Technology to Investment Banking 1987 2013 One day, he'll make us proud! Will I ever be able to tell her....? I can still do better..!! Hey buddy, wanna jam tonight..?? Till death do us apart... A beginner delivers his first high impact ventures Milestone III NYU Stern MBA A peek into the future: Investment Banking Immersion Mastering Finance & Strategy 2010 Setting up for the coming: Summer Associate Internship Building invaluable networks: Soccer, Music & more For good things come to those who wait.. Milestone IV: Elation & Triumph Morgan Stanley 2017 2015 Èxito de ingeniería (Engineering Success) Learning people management the hard way A lesson learned: What is comfortable is rarely profitable! High profile clients, great relationships Promotion on the cards! Top down and bottom up wisdom: A well rounded professional
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