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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Superstitions of the Chinese People (1) If one hits another person with a broom, the hitter will get bad luck and he will ruin his life. (2) The Chinese believe that one should keep a well-shaven face. If one wears a mustache it should be well-trimmed. If one violates this norm it will give bad luck. (3) Another Chinese superstition is that if a dog howls for a few hours in late night, it means someone died somewhere. (4) It is another superstitious belief of the Chinese that if one hasa dream of teeth or snow, it indicates that his parents are dead. (5) If a baby cries for no reason, the Chinese believe that there areghosts around and the child is disturbed by the ghosts. (6) Another superstition of the Chinese is that building a housefacing the North would bring in ruin to the family. (7) It is a superstition among the Chinese that if one marries aperson who is either three or six years older or younger is bad andit will bring bad luck to the couples. (8) The Chinese believe that clipping toe-nails or finger-nails atnight would bring ghosts to that place. (9) Another popular Chinese superstition is that if one points atthe moon with ones finger it will make ones ear tips fall off. (10) Another popular belief of the Chinese is that if one capturesand keeps a turtle as a pet, it will ruin his business and fortune,for it will slow a person's business down. (11)The Chinese believe that the number 8 is a luckynumber because the pronunciation of the number 'eight' and thepronunciation of the word for prosperity in Chinese are similar.Hence, the number 8 has much value in the social life in China. (12) In another popular Chinese superstition, the number 4 is considered as unlucky. Hencethis number is unacceptable for vehicles and houses. It is so because the number 4 inChinese has the pronunciation similar to the word for the word 'death'. (13) The Chinese believe that the numbers 8, 18, 13 and 168 are lucky. Hence those whoare on a gambling or business trip prefer these rooms. Ass these numbers are in greatdemand, often disputes and fights arise over the choice over these numbers. (14) In another popular Chinese superstition, the Chinese do not sweep during the NewYears because if one does so he will sweep away all the good fortune. Hence the sweeping onthe New Year is to be done the day previous. (15) As part of another popular superstition of the Chinese people, eating noodles will notbe easy in China. This is because the popular belief is that an uncut noodle in soupwill increase longevity. If the noodle is cut it will cut the longevity. Some times peoplemay chock if the noodle is too long.
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