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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ernest Hemingway Friends Ernest Hemingway Sources About Sherwood Anderson Ezra Pound Gertrude Stein Lying down in a hospital bedin Milan. Fun fact: penicillinreally takes a lot out of a guy.Also, I think I may have a crush on my nurse. . . Moving to Paris in a few weekswith my beautiful wife. I've heard about the Festival ofSan Pamplona in Spain. I hopeit's the bee's knees! My first son was born and I finallywas able to publish my book, Three Stories and Ten Poems. I hope people read it and think it'sswell. I made fun of Dumb Dora's (Zelda Fitzgerald's) gams the otherday. Seeing us beef really got toFrancis. Since the divorce, I've been doing alot of big-game hunting in Africato pass the time. The Sun Also Rises rises is real popular! Who knew? A Farwell to Arms is all about my time in World War I as an ambulancedriver. I really needed a pair of cheaters during the war! Key West, Flordia Paris, France * born in Oak Park, Illinios* Red Cross ambulance driver* journalist for numerous news-papers* member of the Lost Generation* two sons so far: Jack & Patrick * * * Likes Flagpole Sitting Airplane Stunts Bullfighting Ads Fair Isle Slipovers BandAid West & Son Knickers Lie Detector age. 30 Status Updates
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