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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ernest Everett Just Ernest Everett Just Childhood Just was born August 14, 1883in Charleston, SC as the oldest ofthree children. When Justwas four, his father, FrazierJust, a dock worker,died in 1887. Ernest Just had to work the fields to support his familyas he went to the privatereligious school his mother opened. Important Achievements He researched at the famous lab at Wood's Hole, MAHis findings were published in more than 60 medical journalsGot the Springarn Medal from the NAACP Citation: "Ernest Everett Just." World of Scientific Discovery. Gale, 2006. Biography in Context. Web. 5 Feb. 2015. Adult Life Just, after going to many other colleges, eventuallyarrived at Dartmouth Collegeto study Biology. Here he developed a specialty in cytology,the study of cells. Just than taught zoology at Harvard, where he metEthel Highwarden and married her.After that, Just started to go toresearch at the famous Wood's Holelab in the summer and then teach in the other months.Later, Just got fed up with the discrimination against blacks in the scientific field and left to other countries. Just diedOctober 47, 1941. We feel the beauty of nature because we are part of nature and because we know that however much in our separate domains we abstract fromthe unity of Nature, this unity remains. Although we may deal with particulars, we return finally to the wholepattern woven out of these.
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