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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Incubation Stage-King Dom Joao the 6th made his son Dom Pedro the govern of Brazil in 1815. In 1820 Portugalhad to experience the constitutional revolution. your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] They had to force theking Dom Joao to comeback to Brazil. Brazilian Revolution of 1822 By: Erin Thompson The king didthis becauseso we would not haveto leave or be killed This then led to Constituentassembly. Here they had a meeting to decide to make aconstitution for the kingdome. Then in 1821 the Kinghad his son take his spotand rule his kingdom. Symptoms- General Jorge made Dom Pedro get rid ofthe misters of the kingdom. TheSymptoms Pedro did not want todo this he thoughtit was wrongbecause theywhere very loyal to him. Then the local governments of Brazilwhere put under the political control ofPordagal. This left Pedro withpower only over RioDe Janeiro. Crisis- Dom Pedro washumiliated and mocked by hispeople. He went fartherand farther awayfrom his country. His loyalty went toBrazil not his owncountry. Then Pedro's wife talked to him aboutreturning and to come back and rule. Then the Bonifacio cabinettook away all the power Pedro hadover his country. This made Pedro very upsethe wanted freedom for Brazil. "Give Brazil freedomor death" -Pedro This made thepeople exited, theywhere very happythat Pedro haddone this and try toget freedom for them. The Healing- Brazil finally gotfreedom, Pedro became the emperorand perpetual defender of Brazil. This was kindalike the Frenchrevolutionbecause the king and queen ran awayfrom their own country. In the end theFrench had freedomjust like Brazil.
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