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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Florida,The Sunniest State! Florida,The Sunniest State! Tampa Bay New Port Richey TALLAHASSE Jacksonville St. Agusteen Miami Beach 1513 Ponce De Leon Discovered Florida. 1817-1818 1st Seminole War in Florida history 1971A major Tourist attraction openedDisney World! 1925-1926 Early 20th centuryFlorida Land BOOM!(A boom is when business has a Market upping,and people make moreMoney. 1861-1865The Civil War started in Florida Henry Bradly Plant built the south FloridaRailroad. Also, Henry Flager built a railroad, and so many people came, settling the land. Martin Luther King Jr.helped black people inFlorida have a better life. In Florida, civic duties are important because if we didn't care for our beaches,it would be covered in trash! Most of the food eaten in pioneer times was wild game or wild plants. Pioneers wore hand-me-downsor potato sacks, nothing fancy. Pioneers had no super markets for miles. Florida's space program, NASA, sent Neil Armstrong to the moon!Also NASA helped devolop the land around the land around the rockets because many small buisnesses opened. Ponce De Leon came to find a quicker rought to Indea. Sir Frances Drake came to attack the Spanish settlements. Because the Spanish ruled Florida, tons of native americans died or converted to their religon. Pioneer Facts After the civil war, many former slaves had to sharecrop with their previous owner. Also, they still lived in conditions close to slavery. In the Spanish American War, Tampa Bay was used as a place to hold troops. The Constitution - Florida Rights1. Being greatful2.Perfect Government3.We maintain public order The Apalachee tribe hunted for things such as birds and ate a lot of berries. Seminoles lived in homes called a chickee. (Shown below) Children in the Tumucuan tribe would learn to steer canoes, hunt fish, and go to school. In the 1940's word began to spread across Florida. that racal changes would occur soon. Because the U.S.A. was fighting Hitler and how he hurt the Jews,and that soon happened. Nature Florida's Top 5 Money Makeing for EconmyRed/Nature SitesGreen/Tourist AttractionsYellow/SeafoodGrey/OrangesBlue/Florida Lottery The cause of Florida's Seminole wars wasthat the U.S. was kicking them out of their santuarys. Natural Tourism is Florida's number 1 money maker! A lot of warm weather earns the "Snow Birds" intrest. Were are going to FLORIDA! The state Government has rules that apply to only for the state,when the local Government only applies to people in thecity.
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