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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What we might encounter in the future. Many believe the future will be all dark and all human beings will be extinct, but now we have done a lot of research and found out that we as humans will not die. Hooray. Here is a brief description of what the future might look like 2018- Tiny machines called MEMS have built in thermometers, microphones & other instruments. They work on satellites & spacecraft. 2030- The moon base has grown & now has a smallhotel for rich tourists 2020- A lot of the worlds energy isproduced cleanly& safely; the wind, waves, the rivers, the light of the sun are allconverted to electricity. There is a small base on the moon. 2040- Almost all diseases have been cured by genetic engineering. There are cloneddinosours in zoozs 2025- In rich countries there are more robots than people.They work in factories, farms,underwater and at home. 2035- Humans have landed on mars& spent several monthsthere. 2050- Some robots are smarter than humanswe are still surrounded by electronicsbut very few have key boards. 2060- There is a permanentbase on mars built byadvanced robots. 2075- There are living colonies on the moonand mars, lots of peopleare over 120 years old and the earth iscompletely destroyed. This infographic was created by Cando Advertising. 2045- Space junk is becoming a majorproblem. Future Encounters Book: Fantastic FutureBy: Mike Goldsmith
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