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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2020 The Future Hopefully by this time the average woman will be making the same amount of money as a man and more women will pick high paying majors. This will help bolster the American workforce and let the country flourish. 2010 Hillary Clinton on Gender equality "There is a big gap. You know, I'm someone who likes to look at the progress, because then you can tell people, "Well, it is possible. Women in Kuwait are now voting. That wasn't available to them in 1995. Women in parts of Africa now can inherit property and own land, which wasn't permitted." 2000 Representation in national office While weve seen small but steady gains in womens representation in national office, progress among state leadership has been meager. Only 35 women have served as state governors, and 24 states have never elected a woman to the governors seat. 1990 Wage gap In 1991, women earned less than 75% of what men would earn for the same type of work. In 2012, the number hasn't budged much only moving just above 80%. Although some say that the reason for this is because more women take up low paying majors in their college days. Management Material About 20% of women started to take jobs in management positions. The men that worked under these women had a hard time understanding that a woman could be their superior. It was also rare but still possible that a wife could make more than her husband in the 80s. 1980 Women's equality Timeline
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