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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 EQUAL PAY ACT Women Men Lawyer double click to change this header text! Lawyer double click to change this title text! $1.00 $0.74 Edith Green- A democrat from Oregon wrote the equal pay act The Equal Pay Actmade it so women could work the sameamount as menwithno discrimination and earn the same amount of income as the men. It also meant that they could re-earn the last two years of income that theycould have earned before the act. www.brainpickings.org250 × 266Search by imageen.wikipedia.org147 × 216Search by imagewww.peppercenter.org282 × 406Search by imageen.wikipedia.org220 × 259Search by image 7-D Sasha 7-D President John Kennedy Signed the act
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