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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The last car personally designedand built by Ferrari, the F40, was unveiled. The Fiorano Circuit built by Enzo Ferrari officially opened on April 8th β€œTHINK AS A WINNER AND ACT AS A WINNER. 1898 Enzo Anselmo Ferrari was born on the out skirts of Modena on the 18th of February Enzo Ferrari was an Italian motorracing driver, an entrepreneur andthe founder of the Scuderia Ferrari racing team and company. WHO WAS ENZO FERRARI? 1907 Ten year old Enzo and his brother Alfredo were brought by their father to watch a race for the first time at the motor racing circuit in Bologna. 1910 In 1918 , Enzo found work as a test-driver at a small company in Turin. He then moved to Milan to work for C.M.N (car company) . After a series of successful races in 1920, he was promoted to full factory driver for Alfa Romeo and he started taking part in higher profile events. In 1919, Ferrari moved from a test driver to a racing driver in C.M.N and makes his competitive racing debut in 1919 hill climb race in which he finishes fourth. 1919 1920 1918 1920 1921 DID YOU KNOW? Enzo Ferrari had his first major accident in September that year when he goes off the road on the eve of the Brescia Grand Prix trying to avoid a herd of cattle block- ing the race route. 1930 1923 First car Enzo Ferrari builtfor Alfa Romeo. In , Ferrari wins the first Circuito del Saviorace and meets Countess Baracca (Wife of Co-unt Baracca, the famous Italian First World War pilot) who invites him to use her son’s PrancingHorse emblem as a mascot on his cars. Ferrari leaves Alfa Romeo and signs a contract to not use the Ferrari name in association with any races or racing car for at least 4 years. 1939 1940 1950 Enzo Ferrari’s son dies from muscular dystrophy in 1956 . Enzo's design of the very firstoriginal Scuderia Ferrari car. 1956 YOU'LL BE QUITE LIKELY TO ACHIEVEYOUR GOAL." ENZO FERRARI TIMELINE 1960 1962 Ferrari was presented the HammarskjΓΆldPrize by the United Nations for his ingenuity In 1932, he married a woman named Laura with whom he had a son called Alfredo in the same year. 1962 Alfredo Ferrari 1932 Enzo Ferrari driving his car. 1970 1980 Enzo Ferrari is presented with theGold Medal for Culture and Art by the President of Italy. 1972 In 1979 Ferrari receives the honorary title of Cavaliere di Gran Croce della Repubblica Italiana from Sandro Pertini (President of Italy) 1987 1988 In 1988 Ferrari was awarded with an Honorary Degree in Physics by The University of Modena. 1988 On August 14th, at age 90,Enzo Ferrari passed away. - ENZO FERRARI
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