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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Project background The environmental scan of first year support intervention is aimed at contextualising student support practices in the SA higher education context. Objectives Method 3. An environmental scan of first year support intervention projects in the South African environment The overall study objectives is to conduct an environmental scan of the first year student support programmes in the South African context. Projects output Specific project aims First year Unisa students will be referred to effective support interventions informed by the scan #Desktop study of the various projects that aim to mitigate first year attrition through student support will be conducted.#The desktop study will be informed by STEEP (Social, Technology, Economy, Environment, Politics) Environmental scanning framework. * A research report to the SSF in March 2015 with recommendations on first year support interventions which can be applicable to Unisa context* An article on the systematic review of first year intervention practices in SA Higher Education for submission in September 2015 # Final draft of the proposal has been submitted for internal review# Application for PARG ethical clearance will be submitted in the 5th January 2015 The project aims to provide a description of political, economic, social, technological, legal environment in which first year student support interventions take place, focussing on how specific institutions address the environmental challenges posed to student support.
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