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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Entrepreneurship Lessons There's no set way Innovation has many components. Internal: Attitude, Imagination, and KnowledgeExternal: Culture, Habitat, and ResourcesWe need to pay attention and be aware of the things around us. Brainstorming should be structured and there isn't a bad idea.Be creative when looking at problems, sometimes unrelated things can be the best solution. We need to not let others dictate how we think and limit our creativity. Entrepreneurs cannot do it alone, and successful ones don't. Teams are made up of technicians, managers, and entrepreneurs. They complimenteach other and are NOT the same.If you try to do everything on your own, you will begin to hate what you originally loved doing and will fail. The E-Myth Revisited and inGenius Takeaways on Entrepreneurship Billy Keough You come first There are 7 steps for building a company.Bottom line of business development is building a system.Should be able to have a reproducible prototype that could be used in manylocations. Business Development Get a team Innovation There are many ways to do things Three Equal Groups Make It Happen The only limits are self-imposed Plan your life and how you want it to be, not your business. When you have a vision for you life, it will help create a vision for your business.Caring for yourself will give you the energy, focus and drive you need to succeedWork on your business, not in it Need to have your all, to give it It surrounds us Process of system creation There is power in numbers
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