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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Is BYOD something for you? Step 1 - You are tech savvy? Step 3 - Is your device supported? Step 6 - Accept technical restrictions Every BYOD user gets a corporate SIM card for business purpose.If users decides to use a personally owned data or voice SIM,reimbursement of data/voice plans is not be provided the company Step 4 - SIM card / Carrier lock The company will provide a corporate SIM cardfor business purpose only.Ensure that your personally owned device isopen/without carrier lock or is locked to the companiescell-phone providerOtherwise your corporate SIM card will not work Step 5 - Accept - No reimbursement The company will enforce some restrictions on your personally owned device:- Device passcode must be set (Both Apple & Android)- Apple iCloud services will be disabled by policy (Only Apple),No use of Photostream, iCloud Backup, ...)You can remove all restrictions any time by uninstalling the company App BYOD in our company is only supported on Apple devices (min. iOS 7) and on Android devices (min. 4.4.x)Please check the list of certified devices before placing your order:(<insert link to certified devices>)More questions concerning supported devices?Contact: IT Servicedesk: +xxx or email Make sure that you are tech savvy. The company providesa corporate SIM card and self installation instructionsBYOD means that you are responsible for hardware maintenanceand software configuration. Consider: No support from IT forpersonally owned devices or misconfiguration Step 7 -Read and accept BYOD Policy Please carefully read the BYOD Policy.By ordering BYOD, users have to accept the corporate Bring Your Own Device policy<insert link to your companies BYOD policy> All your answers are YES? Order NOW Go to your companies IT services shop <insert link>Search for "BYOD"Add to cart "BYOD" / Answer questions / View cart and checkoutWait for cost center manager approvalFollow instructions in "BYOD Welcome eMail from your IT department" Consider all of that BEFORE choosing BYOD and you will enjoy it Step 2 -You don't need IT support? * You rarely need support from IT?* You wanna choose the device you like?*You are able to manage your smartphones and tabletissues by yourself / IT will not support personally owned devicesAll 3 questions answered with YES? by Manuel Poschauko, Vienna, Austria, /
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