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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Affects on Women What affect did women in the media (Pornography, TV music videos, ect.) have on males? What affect did they have on other women? Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. Women in Media not only affect males, butother women. Decrease in confidence Increase in pressure 1. Affects on Males Impact of women in theMedia 2/3 of menwatch pornmonthly Among heavylisteners51% of boysadmit to havingsex within2 years Sociocultural standardsof feminine beauty arepresented in almost allforms of popular media, barraging women with images that portraywhat is considered tobe the "ideal body." Big boobs, big butt,perfect hair and makeup, nice clothes,and money. The way men lookat the women inthe media affects the women around them. Findings of one studyindicate that 83% of teen girls read fashionmagazines for 4.3 hoursa week to get info on beauty, fitness, and style.(Tiggemann, 2003) Many of the models shownon Tv, advertisements, and other media are roughly 20%below ideal body weight, thus meeting criteria foranorexia nervosa. (Dittmar & Howard, 2004) Women changethe way theydress and act. Women try to loseweight by working out and going on diets. Children (Little girls look up to their elders so they maybegin these ways at avery young age. When men see the women in porn, TV, and musicvideos, they change the way they look at women around them and around their age. When males seethese women,they feel the needto change how they are also. Led to an increasein materialism, and a decrease in achievement. Look for smart women with diff. personalities Look for women with ideal/perfect body and size Look for women with money Men become aware of these women and theirbodies at such a young age, it can affect who they become and how they treat women throughout their life. 60% of musicvideos aresexually agressive
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