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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Infectious Viruses in River Bluff High School What if someone on campus died - what will you do with the body?1. Call 9#. 2. Put him/her in a freezer. 3. I would leave it there and stay there with it and go get the administration. 4. I would keep everybody away from it, until the authorities come to it. 5. Call 911 Where do the students stay in an outbreak? 1. Stay in a classroom.2. I would keep them in the building. 3. I would send them to the opposite direction of where the disease is located. 4. I would tell you to stay where you are and don't go anywhere. 5. I would tell you to go to the gym. In case of an outbreak of infectious viruses, River Bluff administrators and staff will do everything in their power to keep you safe. Some questions you may want answered about your student during an outbreak is answered below. What kind of help would you expect from local, state, and public health officials?You should expect officials to come in and help quarantine off infected people or subdue the panic At what point will you call the parents?In the case of an outbreak, depending on how large, the media relations department of the district office or the administrators would make a school wide voicemail, whether that be on the onset of it or after hearing rumors. Who will you call first if you see that you need outside help?1. 9# because it calls everyone. 2. The office. 3. The nurse. 4. I would call the district office. 5. 911
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