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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sidebar Leonard oda Vinci Leonardo da Vinci reinvented classical art with his intricate work involving paintings and sculptures, and made a plethora of advances in science and engineering with works like the Vitruvian Man, which was the most anatomically correct drawing of the human body at the time. Leona rdoda Vinci Discov eredT alents Influenc eson the Science s Famo usWo rks By: Colett ePauta A True Renaissance Man Influenc eon Art "Self-P ortrait " Da Vinci influenced many other artists of the Renaissance with his methods of creating his artwork "he played a key role in shaping Renaissance art...many painters, especially those who worked with him, and copied his designs." (Grendler, Vol. 3, pg. 13) Da Vinci was able to be a master of many talents from when he was a child. "he showed great talent in drawing, and painting, and sculpting..." (Schlager Vol. 3) Although he left many works unfinished, some of da Vinci's greatest works were "Mona Lisa" and "The Last Supper". "While working on 'Battle of Anghiari', Leonardo painted his best-known work, the Mona Lisa. (Grendler, Vol. 3) In his journals, da Vinci created drawings such as the Vitruvian Man and a flying device which pushed sciences forward. "This led him to a passionate interest in anatomy... between the 1490s and 1515 he made many notes on the subject" (Grendler Vol. 3) "He made numerous designs for flying machines." (Grendler Vol. 3)
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