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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Deviations Similiarities Chinese The deviations are banished away from the village and has to survive on their own in a wasteland to die. They both were being discriminated in their village or province. They wereboth were beaten if they did not follow the rules. The Chinese were being discriminated during the 1880s. The canadian government put head taxes on them making them pay an extra $100-$500 when they arrive in Canada. They also get beaten to death because they are different and they aren't normal. The chnese were excluded from public schools Their were riots in Vancouver from 1885-1905. They were both not excepted to society in their area. They were both raids andriots in their village or province. Their were riots also in Alberta, Quebec, Nova Scotia, And Sasketchwan related to an anti- Asian group. Chinese canadians could not vote for the government. They had to do hard labour and were given less than minimal wages. They were beaten when they did not do their work. The deviations are not allowed in society in the real world and not allowed to belike a normal person andhave a normal life. The deviations could not true respectfrom the waknukians and be not known as non-human.A baby with a mutated part could be down as human so they are non-human and not to be spoken about forever. They both could not gettheir own rights to choose the rules for their village or province. They were given small portions of food for each meal of the day so they had to work hard to earn their food. They been temporary slaves during the Second World war when Japan took over China and were put into fighting arenas to fight for food by facing other trained black belts.They could not get their Canadian citizenship during 1880-1907. The deviations don't have rights to chosethe rules in waknuk and don't get treated like a proper living human. They both had small portions of food to surviveand were given hard labour for people in charge. Both chinese anddeviation are treatedwith respect and were workersfor the leaders. They both wanted to have freedom from these people who think they aresuperior.
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