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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WAKNUK SOCIETY depression similarities Waknuk sociaty (background information)Davids house built by David's grandfather, Elias Strorm, who also started the town of Waknuk because the town where he grew up was not religious. The image of god: on page 10-11 they say and god created man in his own image. And god decreed that man should have one body, one head two arms and two legs: that each arm should be jounted in two places and end in one hand: that each hand should have four fingers and one thumb: that each finger should bear a flat finger-nail... and so on until thean god created woman also and in the same image but with these differences according to her nature her voice should be of higher pitch thean mans she should grow no beard she should have two brests... What is the Norm : Waknuk as a society have this passion for conform. Offences are either burnt or killed, Blasphemies were banished, and women who had given birth to deformed babies three times had their tubes tied and kicked out of their homes. They believed in nothing else but the True Image, and nobody was allowed to think differently. both deviants in waknuk and people that suffer from depression are social outcast. the waknuk people have this situation when people with deformities get pushed away from their groups because the people in the group do not like them. those in the group start to get shafted from the people in the group and left alone because of their deformities and they go to the fringes where they do not know anyone and have to make new friends. It happens to people with depression when people do not understand the situation they are in, their friends start to push them out of there group and then they become lonely. Even though people with depression want to pull away from other people they really need friends and people to comfort them. the people in waknuk are misunderstood because people make assumptions about them and think badly about them. the reason why is because they have a different features than everyone else. for example when Sophie had the extra towe, which made people think they were wird, different and almost every person in the town misunderstood her. it is also shown when people go through depression. when people go through depression they face being misunderstood by other people. for example people sometimes think that since a girl has depression she won't want to hang out with them but inside she really wants to because it will make her feel better but it is hard for her to show that. this is one reason why people with depression are misunderstood. In both the society in waknuk and people with depression both feel invisible. The waknuk people feel invisible because if you have a deformity no one cares about you and everyone starts hating on you and you will loose all of your friends. this is also just like people who suffer from depression. people with depression get treated way differently people think since they have depression some people think that they are scared to do things and they are very sensitive about things and are very emotional. Life is not easy for people suffering from depression. This is because they face stigma and discrimination. Because a lot of people do not understand depression,they might think it could be something weird or different. The way people treat you when you have depression is harder to deal with than the mental illness itself. The stigma that you are facing can actually cause depression or even make it worse. Some way to reduce stigma have been researched. These can help improve the quality of life for people with depression. for example you should get to know people that have depression so you could get rid of stereotypes. how is this group discriminated against:Some people see depression as a weakness not a illness. Also, people could think that people with depression could be crazy and sometimes even dangerous. People with depression don't like to mention their illness because they think they would be mad fun of. Depression can affect your employment because places would not want to hire people with mental illness like people with depression. it can also affect your personal relationships with people like your family, friends, and spouse. people with depression might be ignored and get left out of things.
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