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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Journals, written in dying languages can not be read Unwritten Keeping of History Non Want You have to speak it to learn it not useful for regular lives children do not want to learn something that they believe will not be useful They do not understand the need to keep these languages alive for the sake of the future No kid wants to learn about not fun rituals as a child, but they need to to keep their culture alive How can we translate the writings on cave walls, if we don't know the language? Children are revolting against parents Keeping of Culture Dying Languages the many of difficulties For kids , learning about their culture is not fun,but they need to know where they come from and what others did to make their world this way ???? ?? ??? "Eventually Baldwin made the trip to see what the archives had on his ancestral language. There was plenty. With the archives' help, he taught himself Miami and has been speaking and studying it for 24 years." "According to Unesco, more than 130 of these (Native American) languages are currently at risk, with 74 languages considered 'critically endangered.' "
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