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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 KIRSTEN STOER LANGUAGES COMPUTER COURSES EXTRA ACTIVITIES Westersingel 41D 9718 CD 09-08-1990 Groningen Nuon, Amsterdam | 09-'14 until 02-'15 A research project for Nuon Amsterdam in cooperation with the Faculty Economics and Business of University of Groningen.Together with two other students I researched the drivers of the most important customer metrics of Nuon. The finalproduct was an academic report and a presentation with recommendations. Unipartners, Groningen | 01-'14 until 09-'14 Junior Consultant A research project for the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences of the University of Groningen. The research project included theusage of a new software tool within the philanthropy industry. The final product was a recommendation report based upon repeatedsurveys within the industry. Several sidejobs & internship Assistant Restaurant Manager | Restaurant Badmeester Keimpe, Balk | 01-'13 until 11-'13 Consultant and Researcher Kien Research, Groningen | 11-'14 until now Junior Market Researcher EDUCATION WORK EXPERIENCE University of Groningen | 09-'13 until 02-'15 MSc Marketing Management & Intelligence Recently graduated my MSc Marketing, whereby I combined two tracks: Management & Intelligence.Master Thesis: Marketing Accountability, the influence of media (synergies) on purchase behavior. Grade Master Thesis: 8 Pre-MSc Marketing Transition program, successfuly completed Bachelor of Business Administration in International Hospitality Management University of Groningen | 09-'12 until 07-'12 Stenden University Leeuwarden | 09-'07 until 07-'11 Hotelschool, graduated. I followed two minors abroad: Junior Account Manager | Sales Partner, Lemmer | 10-'11 until 03-'12 Sales Representative Unilever | Hamilton Bright, Sneek | 03-'12 until 07-'12 Internship Party Manager | Claus Event Center, Hoofddorp | 09-'10 until 07-'11 Minor Spa & Health 1 | Rangsit University, Thailand | 02-'10 until 04-'10 Minor Spa & Health 2 | STIE Triatma Mulya, Bali | 04-'10 until 07-'10 Dutch | Native English | German | Excellent Basic MS Office | Excellent SPSS Statistics | Good Latent Gold | Good Basic Photoshop / Indesign | Online Marketing Business Course DBK & RUG | 11-'14 until 01-'15 I earned certificates for Google Adwords & Google Analytics. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Course about living an effective and productive life, according to the principles of Dr. Stephen R. Covey. I earned my certificate. Stenden University | 03-'09 until 06-'09 Tourism Marketing Project AIESEC Tunesia | 06-'14 until 09-'14 Global Community Development Project in Tunis, Tunesia.A project of 7 weeks to stimulate local tourism incooperation with students from al over the world. Secretary party committee & Mentor ESN Groningen | 01-'13 until 07-'14 Driving License B International Exchange Erasmus Student NetworkGuiding international students and organizingthemeparties. Kien is a specialist in online market research. Currently I am fulfilling an assisting position within Kien, in which I am involved inall phases of the research process, often for multiple projects at the same time. Besides research tasks I am occupied with the online marketing of Kien and PanelWizard (part of Kien). This involves SEO/SEA tasks and publishing content. +316 13346277 I earned my license in 07-'09
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