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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "So live, that when thy summons comes to join The innumerable caravan, that moves To the pale realms of shade, where each shall take His chamber in the silent halls of death, Thou go not, like the quarry-slave at night, Scourged to his dungeon, but sustain'd and sooth'd By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave, Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams." "Thou shalt lie down. With patriarchs of the infant world--with kings The powerful of the earth--the wise, the good, Fair forms, and hoary seers of ages past, All in one mighty sepulchre." double click to change this title text! ThanatopsisBy William Cullen Bryant "To the right was darkness and to the left hardness below hardness darkness aboveat the feet darkness at the head partial hardness with equal intervals withoutto the left moaning and beyond a scurry." VillonBy Basil Bunting "The Emperor with the Golden Handsis still a word, a tint, a tone,insubstantial-glorious,when we ourselves are dead and gone and the green grass growing over us." In the Romanticism period, death was considered something good. Something that you shouldnt be afraid of because when you die, you will be in a better place. Whereas during modern times death is a scary thing.We fear it because we dont know what will become of us. We know that eventually, after our deaths, we will beforgotten and no one will care. In Thanopsis, the poet is comfortedby the fact that when he dies, he will be with the great kingsthat have once livedon the earth and have passed on. At the end of the poem, the poet gives is advice when facing death.He says that when faced with death, we should look at it in a happy way. We should go soothed because we have run our course and should behappy to live with the kings of the world after death. jj This modern day poet sees death as being hard and cold.He refers to it as being stuck between hardness and darkness.He believes their is moaning and agony where death is. Zachary Stevenson This poet is different from the poets ofthe Romanticism period because he sees death as scary because no one will remember uswhen we die.
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