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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Education in England How is it different? In England different schools run ondifferent academic calenders. Someuniversities run on a semester systemand others run on trimester and quarter. Its's a lot less standardized. Here in America almost all schoolsrun on a semester system. Education is a lot more standardized. School starts in September or October and ends in May orJune, making for a longerschool year Winter break starts at the Thanksgiving holiday. School starts in mid to lateAugust and usually ends in Mayor June. Winter break starts in midDecember and ends in early tomid January. In the UK most courses are solelylecture based with very few assignments.At some universities there are no required assignments and the entire grade is based on one final exam. Majors are also pre-determinedand not changed over the course of college. At most universities courses are lecture based with multipleassignments, projects, tests, quizzesand one final exam at the end. Majors in college here in the U.S. can change a lot overthe course of a college career. In the UK education is divided upinto early foundations,primary, secondary, and tertiary stages. Early foundations includes children ages 3-5, primary is ages5-11, secondary is ages 11-18,and tertiary is age 18 and above. In America our education system is broken up into smaller age groupings. We have Pre-School Kindergarten (5-6), 1st Grade (6 or 7), 2nd Grade (7 or 8), 3rd Grade (8 or 9), 4th Grade (9 or 10), 5th Grade (10 or 11), 6th Grade (11 or 12), 7th Grade (12 or 13), 8th Grade (13 or 14), 9th Grade (14 or 15), 10th Grade (15 or 16), 11th Grade (16 or 17), 12th Grade (17 or 18)and College (18 and up) American Education In England, diplomas can notbe issued without permissionfrom the monarch. (Kind or Queen) In America, diplomas can just be issued by the college without formal permission from a higherindividual due to our form of government here. ~ Since England's general education is split up differently I can conclude that maybe puttingcertain ages of kids together in a "grade" helps them learn better by English standards. ~ Since the monarch of England has to give permission in order for universities to distribute diplomas, I can conclude thatthey want to make sure that their peopleare successful in order to form an even better and stronger nation for the future. ~ Since England is ranked really high for some of the best education in the world and their education is a lot less standardized, I can conclude that maybe some Americans or people from different countries that strive for success in their future may move to England and take advantage of the great education. "The English Education Systemis ranked 6th in the world with Finland and South Korea taking the top places." ~VS~ IN CONCLUSION "UK vs. USA Education System | Study Abroad Guide." International Student. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2015. HARROP, FROMA. "COMMENTARY - New England losing college crown." Providence Journal (RI) 17 Feb. 2002, All, Editorial: F-11. NewsBank. Web. 28 Jan. 2015.. "The Royal Mail planned to bring forward last collections from postboxes to as early as nine o'clock in the morning, so that they could be made by postmen making deliveries." Spectator 16 Aug. 2014: 9. Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 28 Jan. 2015 Sources:
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