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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dreaming of Heroes vs. Rules of the Game Charlie and Don Billingsley Mike and Billy Winchell Authors - "Rules of the Game" by Amy Tan- "Dreaming of Heroes" by H.G Bissinger Central Idea Lau Po and Waverly Jong Waverly Jong and her Mother -In the story "Dreaming of Heroes,Mike and Don resemble their fathersand they both have a passion for Permian Football. -In the story"Rules of the Game",Waverly Jong and Lau Po are similarbecause they both have a great passionfor the game of chess. Wavelry's motherdoesn't understand what the game providesfor Waverly. The central idea for the textof Dreaming of Heroes is thatPermian Football teaches life lessons and in the story Rules of the Game, the game of chess also teaches you how to play yourlife out and for your future. -The relationship between Mike andBilly is unique because when Mike was13 years old and so he had to live hislife with his older brother Joe Bill. -The relationship between Charlie andDon is interesting because Don onlyspent time with his father during the summer and when he learned about Permian Football he decided to move in with his dad and play as Charlie did20 years before. -The relationship between Lau Po andWaverly is unique because Lau Po satin the park and observed the chess gamesand Waverly walked up to him and said "Wanna Play?" and Lau Po was surprisedwhen she had a chess board under her arm. He taught many new moves and how to beatcompetors. -The relationship between Waverly and her mother is very complex because they don't always see eye to eye. They got into a fightin the story because Waverly didn't want hermother telling random stangers that she was her daughter, and her mother was offened by the comment.
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