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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ENERGY UNLEASHED! We all know the sole purposeof energy drinks, but are people aware of the health risks that come alongwith consuming these seemingly"helpful" picker-uppers? Caffeine Caffeine works by blockingthe effects of adenosine, a chemical that is involved in sleep.It speeds up your heart rate & causesthe liver to release sugar into the bloodstream. Taurine Taurine is an amino acid the body naturally releasesthat regulates heart rate andmuscle contractions. 1/3 of Americans consume energy drinks on a daily basis. B-group Vitamins B vitamins convert sugar to energy. They also improve muscle tone. Ephedrine A stimulant thatworks on the centralnervous system. Ginseng A root used in medicinethat reduces stressand boost energy. What's wrong with an energy boost? The saying goes "Too much of anything is bad for you.The same applies to energy. An excessive amount of caffeine intake can lead to the following health risks:*Heart Failure*Insomnia*Increase in Platelet Aggregation*Increased Anxiety*Death (From overdose) In 2008, 39% of collegestudents consume energy drinks. (American Academy of Pediatrics) 95 mg But Coffee Has Caffeine? 54 mg 160 mg What Do We Do?!? Energy is not a bad thingand neither are energy drinks.A lack of knowledge of caffeineand sugar intake can be very dangerous.Here are some numbers for safe caffeine intake amounts: Up to 85 mg/day Up to 200 mg/day A Look Inside Up to 400 mg/day What's the Max Caffeine Someone should Take? Adults Children Pregnant woman Sources Burrows Tracy. Nutrition Reviews. "What are the Health Implications Associated with the Consumption of Energy Drinks? A Systematic Review". 71. 3. Web. 3 October 2013. Sugar An average energy drinkhas about 23-30g of sugar WebMd. WebMD. "How Much Caffeine is in Your Energy Drink". 25 October 2012. Web. Malinauskas, Brenda. "A Survey of Energy DrinkConsumption Patterns Among College Students".Nutritional Journal. 6.35 (2007): EBSCO. Web. 5 October 2013.
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