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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 14% 16% north east west coast The Good The Bad Consummation Ingredients Habits? Type 2 Diabetes When to stop Addiction? Contents Intake People say that whensomeone drinks anenergy drink, they become an addict. Most drinks don't have ingredients that are addictive. The contents of some energy drinks can be equal or evenless than what you find incoffee. Ingredients can becrucial and can bedangerous. Caffeineis an ingredient thatis safe and is probablythe safest one of all of them. The intake of caffeine indrinks isn't lethal. Since caffeine is a safeingredient, people candrink more caffeine than theythink. About 6 billion energy drinksare consumed nationwide.This results in heart failure, high blood pressure, or hyperactive energy. This candamage certain people. Having to many energy drinkscan lead to headaches and migraines. If going over a limit,it could lead to heart failure. A good limit is 2 drinksper every 3 weeks. Since most energy drinks arefull of sugar, they wear out insulinproducing cells of the pancreas,which leads to type 2 diabetes Since energy drinks are easy to consume,kids and teens have habitsof gulping them down after oneanother. Making them sick. Conclusion Energy drinks are safe in someways but can be dangerous too.There's no way of actually determining if these drinks aregood or bad. It's the people whodrink them that really decide. Works Cited
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