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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Energy Drinks How do Energy Drinks affect the Body Having a large energy drink can fillyou with around 300 mg of caffeine.All in one sitting. The other chemicalsin energy drinks, such as taurine, ephedrine, guarana, and ginseng, strengthen the effects of the sugarand caffeine, putting you into overdrive. Energy Drinks are stimulants. Energy drinks are typicallyused when someone is tired,or they want to get hyped upfor something. Energy drinks are legal. Short term effectsof Energy Drinks The main effect of energydrinks is the sugar/caffeinerush. Although too muchcaffeine could cause healthcomplications. Such as Energy Drinks have nomedicinal value. Long Term effects ofEnergy Drinks One of the largest long termeffects of energy drinks isgetting a caffeine addiction.That is when your body thinksit needs caffeine. Other Chemicals in Energy Drinks Guarana- Guarana is a plant thatcontains a chemical. 1 gram of itis equal to 40 grams of caffeine.Ginseng- Ginseng has been linkedcausing insomnia and headaches.Taurine- This is a common aminoacid found in the body. There's no evidence whether it's unhealthyor not. Sources h-caffeine.html
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