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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Energy Consumption Residential and Commercial Sector Heating and Cooling The energy makes the house hot or cold.There are three fuels to heat or freezeen:- Natural gas: Transform the energy in natural gas.It´s the most comsumer in the U.S.A.-Electricity :It´s the second source of energy to use for air conditioning.-Heating oil: It transforms the oil in electricity Saving Energy on Heatingand Cooling -Maintenance:1- certified techinician anualy 2- filters cleaned 3- regular schedule-Programmable thermostats:Regulate indoor air temperature automatically-Insulation:To reduce heat lossand air infiltration.-Caulking and weatherstripping:Preventing the exchange of inside air whith outside air with windows and doors closed. It´s a central heating and cooling. It reduces equipment and maintenance cost.It uses a renovable energy such asbiomass. District Energy Systems Geoexchange System Geoexchange unit can use low temperature geothermal reservoirs to heat and coolbuildings.It´s very expensive butt hey can save money and energy Building Desing 1879 Incadescent Red 14 lummes per watt.Today´s Incandescent green17 lummes per watt.Today´s Halogen yellow 20 lummes per watt. Today´s Fluorescent blue 100 lummes per watt. 1-Automatic turn-off and dimmer switches.2-Keeping light bulbs free of dust.3-Turn off lights they aren´t using,buy lamps that are suited to their needs in different rooms, and make energy conservation a priority in their daily lives. Appliances Industrial Sector -Water heating: It uses more energy,use natural gas or electricity as fuel,hot water is needed. Limiting the amount of hot water usagewithlow-flow showerheads and conservation behaviors.-Refrigerations: consue electricity each year.Industry has worked with the chemicalindustry to develop refrigerants that are not harmful to the ozone layer.-Washers and Dryers:machines have many innovations thatsave energy. Dryes whith automatic sensors can tell when clothes are dry.Now washing machines wiht a horizontal axis,rather than the traditional top-load.-Appliance efficiency ratings: In the netx few years samrt appliances incorporate computer to operate more efficiently, accurately and effectively. Refineries need energy to convertcrude oil into transportation fuels, heating fuels,chemicals and other products. Enormous amountsof heat are required to separate crude oil its components. Steel Manufacturing Aluminum Manufacturing Paper Manufacturing Energy is used to chip, grind, and cook the wood into pulpand more is needed to roll the pulp into paper.It requires 27.500 Btu of energy. Chemical Manufacturing We use chemical in our medicines,cleaning products, fertilizers, and plastic,in many of our foods.The chemical industry uses naturalgas, coal and oil. Also needs a hydrocarbon source of raw materialsto process into chemical products. Cement Manufacturing Transportation Sector 0 25 50 75 100 70´S TODAY The Automobile Making cement requires high temperatures. Todaythe industry use innovative waste- to energy programs,and they has reduced energy consumption.THE REDUCTION OF ENERGY IN INDUSTRIAL SECTOR Today there are more cars than thhirty years ago, but they have changed:automakers,mid sizedmodels, reduced weigth,aereodinamic fuel efficiency with fuel injectors and electronic transmissions.-MIleage Requirements:Most of the improvements in automobile efficiency have been the result of mandatesby the Federal goverment.The industries are producing hybrid vehicles powered by combination of gasoline and electicity.-Alternative fuels:Vehicles , that run on fuels other than petroleum products. Today, there are vehicles that run on electricity,, natural gas, propan, biodiesel, ethanoland hydrogen.1 Refueling infrastructure:Manufacturers are now capable of producing a large volume of alternative fuel vehicles.2 Consumer Educaton: Most American know very little about alternative fuel vehicles. It requires six to seveen kilowatt-hours of electricity to convert onepound of bauxite into aluminum.The cost of electricity is 30 percent of the total manufacturing cost .Today aluminum recycling is growing. The placement, desing and construction materials used can affect the energy efficiency ligth and heat from the sun, specially in commercial buildings.Exposure to the sun, incorporating large windowsto capture the enrgy in winnterand ovrhangs from the sun insummer.The departament of energy´s Natiomnal Energy Lab programs to desing energy efficient buildings Lighting Petroleum Refining The steel industry consumes about three percent of energy is used to convert iron ore and scrap metal into hundreds of products Comercial Transportation -Trucks: More tranportation fuel than any other commercial vehicle.-Planes: Newer engines, better fligth routing, single engine taxing and desingmodifications. tests are demostrating thatbiofuels can be blended with existing fuel and not impàtc airplane´s performance. Work for alternative fuels.-Railroads:This reeduction in energy use was accomplished by using longer trains with less handling and fewer changes and stops.Major improvements in rall technology that have contributed to ease of movement.-Mass transit:Public transportation: Today this transportation is less than 1970 because people love cars more people have moved from cities into suburb and public transportation has not been economically. Total energy in U.S.A Residential and comercial sector:red Industrial sector:greenTransportation sector:yellow Petroleum refinig:redSteel manufacturing:greenAluminium manufacturing:yellowPaper manufacturing:blueChemical manufacturing:blackCement Mnufacturing:orange
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